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Real estate market

Real estate is a profession of buying, selling and renting any property in-terms of land, building or housing for example, fixed property; etc. Therefore, real estate business is considered as an exponential investment option leading to great future prospects in which sellers can earn an ongoing passive income and investors or buyers can make repairs or improvements to sell it later for profits and build wealth. Real estate investors and agents earn an increased fair market value because this business is a long-term investment opportunity. The main participants of real estate markets are the owners, investors, developers, renovators and facilitators all of which play an essential role in a real estate market.

The real estate market is a very broad and flourishing industry in which there are a lot of separate businesses involved, in either the operation or transaction of real estate.  These markets fall mainly into three categories that are: Buyer’s markets, which exists when inventory in terms of property is more than buyer’s in the market; Seller’s markets, in which seller’s exceed the number of inventory; and last but not the least Neutral markets, where number of buyers and sellers are equalized, this is usually an ideal case which means there are no swings in the market.  Thus, real estate investing becomes generally very safe for beginners as best investment strategy to generate significant income benefits. Furthermore, directly investing in real estate either results in profits or losses by two approaches which are, revenue from rent or leases and appreciation of the real estate’s value.

There are three major real estate segments which are residential real estate, commercial real estate and industrial real estate all of which differ in property management techniques.

Firstly, the residential sector which emphasizes mainly on the buying and selling of properties of both new construction and resale homes most commonly single-family homes. Secondly, the commercial sector in real estate involves business purposes like selling or investing in retail and office spaces or hotels and educational buildings. Lastly, the Industrial real estate consists of properties used for manufacturing, production, research, storage or distribution for example factories, mines, farms and etc. Moreover, ‘rent paid on land’ is the biggest income generator on already developed residential or commercial properties.

Real estate markets report and illustrate the patterns of demand and supply of the market concentrating on residential real estate. The sole foundation which shows the current market trends in terms of the key factors that affect property are “prices”. The importance of location is also necessary considering the market for real estate business for example, if there is high concentration of people around the city center where people do not have to travel long distances to work will increase the demand of property in that specific area which is approachable and easily accessible. The property buying process of a specific real estate company is also dependent on the factors such as interest rates and performance of competitors which are critical drivers of economic growth. In comparison to other types of investments, the earning potential in the real estate business doesn’t decrease in terms of value; however, every business has ups and downs or requires a trial and error method to be implemented successfully and grow more but overall investment in real estate market is comparatively a stable, profit maximizing industry.

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